What does Cruinn mean?

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Hello! Fáilte!

Thanks so much for popping by to read our first blog post. We are Cruinn, a new project based on the Isle of Lewis, a small island in the Outer Hebrides off the far North West coast of Scotland. We thought this would be a good opportunity to explain what Cruinn means and how it relates to our interest in re-using and re-purposing textiles.

Cruinn is a Scottish Gàidhlig word that has many different meanings, all of which relate to being circular, neat and gathered together. It also has associations with being frugal and sparing.

We felt this range of meaning fits really well with the type of 'circular economy' we are trying to create here in the Western Isles of Scotland, where Gaelic is widely spoken. Our Cruinn label is placed on textile items that have been gathered together in a neat and frugal way, bringing textile excess back into the economy, through the re-purposing and re-designing of fabric materials. We are an eco-brand from the Scottish Islands with a name that ties in with our cultural heritage. 

Our products re-purpose textiles already on the Island to benefit our local economy, saving old clothes from landfill and recirculating them.


Working together to make clothes last’
We use creativity and imagination to redesign, refashion and re-purpose old clothing into contemporary new products
A circular logo in grey, orange and teal. The Gaelic word Cruinn completes a circle with the meaning in english opposite it stating that it is a Gaidhlig word for circular, neat, gathered

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