What can you do with old t-shirts?

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We've all got old t-shirts hiding in wardrobes and drawers, that are misshapen, stained, bobbly, holey, have a faded print and are generally past their best. They're not really much use for anything but rags, or so you'd think!
Old t-shirts are perfect for turning into "yarn" it doesn't matter what condition they're in or what design they have, they can all be turned into yarn to crochet or knit with or use in macramé
All you need is an old t-shirt, a sharp pair of scissors or rotary cutter. A seam ripper is useful but not completely necessary.
Take your t-shirt and lay it flat. Cut right across just below the armpits, then cut off the sleeves. This way of creating t-shirt yarn uses up as much as possible of the fabric, giving you more to create with and sending less to landfill.
Cut off the neckline and the the thick overstitched seams where the arms met the body. Cut as close to the seams as possible. Then unpick the hems at the bottom and outer sleeve seams. If you don't have a seam ripper to do this then cut the hems off.
Then it's time for cutting and pulling!
There's a bit of a knack to this, and once we've got another t-shirt to cut we'll be back with a video to show you how we do it. In the meantime there are some fab tutorial videos on youtube, just search "how to make t-shirt yarn"
And this is the end result! A nice ball of yarn with a very small amount of waste. This ball will eventually be turned into hanging pot holders, but the possibilities are vast from making rugs to bags and even just using as an alternative to twine in the garden or to wrap parcels!
Rebecca has created a macrame plant hanger with some of her t-shirt yarn, it looks fantastic!
We'd love to hear what you made with your t-shirt yarn, let us know in the comments!

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