Tips for a Sustainable Christmas

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It's that time of year again, where we're encouraged to buy, buy buy!

Of course shopping is good for the economy but overconsumption isn't good for the planet. There are ways to be more mindful and sustainable at Christmas, while still indulging in festive fun!


* Shop Local where possible *

Shopping locally means people are kept in employment in your area. You build up relationships with shop workers and get a personal level of customer service that can't be achieved with big online retailers. It can also mean less miles travelled for the goods you buy, reducing carbon emissions.


* Shopping for Pre-Loved Outfits *

Christmas jumpers and party outfits are the perfect thing to buy pre-loved! These items of clothing are worn for such a short amount of time and there are SO many amazing outfits available in charity shops, second hand/vintage shops, or on websites and apps like ebay, depop and vinted, all at a fraction of the price of buying brand new.

Often, you can pick up pieces still with tags! I bought a dress still with tags recently on vinted, for £14.75 including postage, it had been £25 in the original shop. So not only did I save myself a bit of cash but by buying "second hand" I'm keeping that spend away from destructive fast fashion.


* Gifting *

Gift giving can be a nightmare, even for the people you know the best. Often you end up grabbing something generic like a smellies gift set that's packaged up in so much plastic, just so you have something to give. They end up being a very common sight in charity shops.

Gifting pre-loved is a fab way to show someone you love that you've put thought and effort into their present, and again there are so many "second hand" things that are actually brand new or as good as new.

Or buying from a local crafter or artist, supporting small independent businesses who are creating things with love and care, means so much more to both the recipient and the person you're buying from.

Gift cards and vouchers are also a great gift. Some people might think they're an easy way out, but a voucher for your local butcher or deli, their favourite shop in town or even one for "The Big Guys" allows the giftee to purchase something they'll actually use, rather than something that will head straight to the charity shop pile.


* Christmas Decorations *

These are something else that are so readily available second hand, no matter what your style of decorating is! From charity shops to facebook marketplace, there's always something to be found. By switching to re-useable items like fabric napkins, fabric crackers and hats, you're also cutting your carbon footprint, but still having a fun, festive Christmas time.

Here at Cruinn, Alison has been creating a range of decorations, stockings and re-useable crackers from pre-loved fabrics and they're an amazing way to create a gorgeous festive atmosphere in your home with completely unique items while also saving textiles from landfill



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