Simple repairs and transformations

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We had such a lovely few days at our launch week down in the Old Shop Bayble back in July. As well as showcasing our Cruinn re-makes we were on hand to do some mending, because the most sustainable clothing is what’s already in your wardrobe!
Even the simplest of transformations and repairs can extend the life of your clothes, taking them from being destined for landfill back into everyday use.
This cute wee romper had unfortunately ended up with some staining to the bottom half that wouldn’t shift but the top half was still in great condition. So a quick chop and hem was the perfect solution!
Gauging roughly by eye, Sandra took the scissors to the romper to give a decent length for a top and hem allowance.
Then Eilidh expertly hand sewed the bottom hem to give a clean finish and stop the top from fraying. There’s no need for fancy machines and tools when it comes to an alteration like this one, a simple running stitch is enough to keep the hem in place and can be done fairly quickly by hand if you don’t have a sewing machine, we’ve got wee sewing kits in our shop that are handy to have for small repairs and alterations.
Or if you’re not confident in your sewing skills just yet, why not try some Iron On hem tape? It’s so easy to use and will keep your hem in place for a long while, keeping that clothing in use.

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