From Alterations to Complete Remakes - What have we been up to?

Our designers have been busy doing all sorts of re-fashions here at Cruinn the past couple of months, showing lots of different kinds of ways you can keep clothes and textiles in circulation.


Sandra has shown that you don’t need to create a completely different item to really update a piece of clothing. This boxy, shapeless jacket had lots of subtle changes to completely transform it into a fashionable and updated piece by:

*Removing the pocket welts

*Changing the Collar, removing the notched collar

*Resetting the sleeves, creating a new sleeve head

*Trimming and shaped the side and back seams

*Shortening the length

*Chain stitching decorative elements making the colours in the jacket pop






Eilidh has been making lots of colourful fabric pots. These are so versatile, they can be used as wee storage pots on your dressing table, to keep all your charging cables neat, covering up a dull plant pot to add some interest or fill them with goodies or small items to make a fab, unique gift!

Alison has been working on lots of different things including some sustainable Christmas pieces, keep your eyes peeled for those from Saturday onwards. She’s also upgraded our re-useable make-up wipes. They’re made with upcycled textiles paired with a scrubby bamboo towelling and are now in a pack of 7, one for each day of the week. They come with a net bag so they don’t get lost in the washing machine! By making them square instead of the commonly seen rounds, means there’s less waste which is the goal.


This Saturday as part of Western Isles Libraries Climate Beacons, all the Cruinn ladies will be at The Space in Stornoway Library from 10am-12pm and 1 – 3pm. Pop in to discover more about how we can exchange, reuse and reinvent our old clothing. Chat about textiles and their environmental impact, see examples of what you can make from pre-loved clothing and get some guided sewing advice and help.


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